We believe Preconstruction Services to be a very important part of our business philosophy. The preconstruction phase is where we can use our creativity and experience with a diverse range of projects to add value to the design process and limit wasted time and resources. Because of its significance, we devote resources typical of much larger firms to the preconstruction phase of our projects.

The key is to make no mistakes in our assumptions or early decisions, so that we can move through the process in as straight a line as possible. From our initial involvement in the project, our Preconstruction Manager creates a comprehensive budget using past project experience, current market unit costs, and input from key subcontractors and suppliers. This budget will be used as the baseline from which alternates, design changes, and value engineering items can be tracked and presented in an organized format. The most meaningful and value-added decisions are made early in the process, which is key, and we feel that it is important for the design and ownership team not to proceed down any path without knowing the cost implications. Cost areas can be identified and tracked separately as needed. Multiple options or design concepts can be budgeted and tracked simultaneously.

The decisions made during the preconstruction phase have a huge impact on the entire project in terms of cost, schedule, constructability, usability, and warranty. Our role is to be the providers of necessary information so the Team can make well informed decisions for the benefit and success of the project.

Design Build

Our Team believes that design/build is much more than a contractual relationship between Owner, Contractor, and Design Team.

Design/Build should be a fundamentally different project delivery method from the traditional construction mindset where the contractor builds only what is specified on the plans. In our version of the design/build process, we strive to maximize the value of trust, relationships, respect, and accountability for the benefit of the project. We believe that design/build represents a true partnership between the Contractor, Owner, and Architect, where decisions are made without egos or conflicting motivations obstructing the process.

We work together with the same goal motivating our decisions. On our part, we strive to be completely transparent with our process and numbers with the Owner so we can jointly make the necessary choices from an informed position. We would expect the Owner to likewise give us the information we need to manage the process for the best outcome for the project, budget, and design.

Business Approach

Today’s practice of construction; whether Design/Build, Construction Manager, or General Contractor, is one of evolving complexity. While there are numerous ways to sustain our business, we identify and follow these guiding business principles:

  • We are builders, first and last. We can help our clients in many ways: design, acquisition, value engineering, or marketing, but its most satisfying, when we’ve helped them realize the project they imagined, for the price they can afford.
  • Our experience and strengths are leveraged by the quality of the colleagues we invite to join in all of our endeavors. We want to work with the best architects, subcontractors, insurance and surety vendors, accountants, building inspectors, and our own employees.
  • Most Clients will expect quality in their construction, but they will grade us for the service with which it is delivered. We cannot give too much service.
  • We can always improve. Our technology, our communication techniques, our financial standing, and our people are optimistically, continually improving.
  • Part of communication is listening. Part of being smart is knowing that other people are smart too. We want to be inclusive, and work within the Team’s collective wisdom.
  • We must be hard working, approachable, pragmatic, and fair, to win repeat business or good references. We have both, so we think the approach is working.

Development Management

For over forty-nine years, Deneuve has often been used as the general contractor for many private real estate development projects and has had great success easing the day-to-day burdens for the developer, including entitlement and financial analysis. Due to the success and benefit of that approach, we feel confident in offering our Team, with their combined experience and expertise, to handle all aspects of development for a Client/Developer.

  • Our Development Management would include, but not be limited to:
  • Feasibility studies
  • Land acquisition
  • Municipal processes, entitlement, including rezoning or annexation
  • Financing solicitation
  • Design consultation; project consultants selection
  • Preconstruction and Subcontractor Competitive bidding
  • General contracting or CM, through Turnover and Commissioning
  • Leasing and Property management

Several projects include:

  • Iron Flats Mixed use office and residential
  • The Ledges; 11- 4 BR apartments for student housing
  • 915 Pearl St Residences, Boulder


While most of our work is design build or negotiated GC, Deneuve actively participates in the hard bid market as well, with good success. We are consistently competitive and bring our design build philosophy to every project that we bid. We will review the plans for completeness and constructability in all phases and make recommendations to the client for alternate products, means and methods, if it is deemed appropriate. It seems that regardless of the upfront owner/architect coordination and attention to detail, there is almost always a desire to save money prior to issuance of the construction contract. We take our value engineering skills to task when bidding all projects in order to at least provide potential options for review. We bid the job aggressively with the intention of being the successful bidder, and prepare ourselves with the answers needed to actually get to construction.

Once under construction, our team of project managers and supervisors will effectively and professionally bring the project to completion. Budget and schedule management are top management priorities. The Deneuve staff has the skills to price effectively and create workable schedules to meet the needs of the end user. We pride ourselves in meeting or beating our projected schedules. As with all of our work, quality control is paramount and reviewed daily by our seasoned construction veterans. We stand behind our work with the goal of complete customer satisfaction and the opportunity for repeat business.